As we approach the end of the school year, I am amazed how much the students have learned in Spanish class. In the classroom, I have noticed that students are able to respond in Spanish when ask how are they doing, count the numbers from the calendar (1-31), identify the weather (soleado/lluvioso/nevando/nublado), recognize six colors, identify family members and parts of the body, describe what clothes they are wearing, name basic shapes and sizes.  In addition, they are able to use “me gusta o no me gusta” to indicate their likes and dislikes.

During the last months, students have begun to feel comfortable speaking in Spanish while working with a partner to quiz each other, using Spanish books and singing songs.  At the end of May, students will be taking home their Spanish books to practice at home.  I encourage you to continue to visit this website throughout the summer and visit the songs & games tabs so your child continues to sing the songs she or he likes the most.

I hope you and your family have a fun and adventurous summer.

Señora Gerena
FLES Spanish Teacher
Hosmer Elementary School and Cunniff Elementary School